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Everything Falls Apart

by Bad Mathematics

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desertindecay.com Self described psychoblues - and I hear other influences as well, from Morphine to maybe an oddly subdued Boss Hog? Just brilliant. Favorite track: Sacrifice.
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Bitch 03:53
As your words get softer my skin gets harder I’ll give you a look to make you believe I’m gonna give you another chance to breathe That’s when I hit you with my best Just when you’re hot I’ll leave you cold I love watching you when you fold Cause I love it. First time you saw me I knew how you wanted me I threw you the hook you never had a clue the dark places I was gonna take you That’s when I hit you with my first test Just when you’re hot I’ll leave you cold I love watching you when you fold Cause I love it. Didn’t know what I had on my mind When you said ride the wild wind Never knew I wrote the book Never understood I despised the ground on which you stood But don’t worry ‘cause you’re not the first Vishy Moghan © 2003-2015
Shopping 03:58
Buy while you can you’ve got choice buy what you can trust in choice throw out the old pan it’s time for you to take a stand with a little foresight and some good advice you can reach a new height don’t let them get the stupid idea that they can lead you away from everything your heart craves you know damn well shopping saves Get down to the shops buy till your heart stops the tart next door has all the stuff you’re dreaming of so here’s your chance to make a decision to you make your advance for the next recession to set yourself up for the next shopping session Buy while the money lasts or else your place in the race will be last and whose going to help you when you’re on the street and you got no one else left to beat and neighbour next door ain’t gonna lift one thin finger to pick you up from the floor Your man said go easy and you took it real breezy but that fool he never could see the holes that would suck you up if you didn’t spend what little cash there was Beat the Joneses Beat the Joneses Beat the Joneses and the grass is greener and their floors are cleaner and your house is smaller and their trees are taller Hell, even her husband is taller Beat the Joneses Beat the Joneses Beat the Joneses Cause you’ve got to be better than them Beat the Jones Vishy Moghan © 2003-2015
Cockroach 06:39
Shocked at the sight of you falling out of reach The impatience of it all Furious ants invade our walls Mundane passing of time Irritating My voice it grates. The silence bears witness to this emptiness Unbearable A life on hold Staring at the vacuum left Exhaustion My body aches. The strength to change escapes me Shocked at the sight of you falling out of reach The waste of it all Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Shiny Shoes 04:55
spider, spider on the wall you can see where we're all heading maybe hard maybe heading down that slippery slope but we’re holding on There’s always some people like to think it is always been like this It'll end soon the end soon you can see you can feel you can read the end soon All the rules Shiny shoes Shiny shoes make you smile make you writhe carpets new begs the question you you It's as much fun as it used to be hanging around under those trees talking laughing joking drinking being fools Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Proud 05:24
Dear Dad You taught me how to change a light bulb You taught me how to change a wheel You taught me how to draw a straight line You taught me how to clean my hands You were proud even though I wasn't a son You taught me how to kick a football How to read, write You taught me to make sense of numbers Though that wasn't right And you are cold and I’m hot-headed and the conversation is hard And I remember all that I wanted was to spend five minutes with you When finally finally we got the time And we joked and we laughed we said very few words But there you were my Dad With your funny face and your stupid beard I laughed at all those years ago With my strange clothes You said "Are you going out like this?" and yes finally You're my Dad Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Ghost 05:42
I ran across the field and squeezed through the hole in the hedge As I stood up I saw her She was peeling potatoes outside her house On a battered old stool And the blood that was running out of her nose was shocking red against the pastry whiteness of her skin I wanted to run away but the fascination the fascination kept me standing there in front of her Why doesn't she stop the blood Why doesn't she stop the blood Why doesn't she stop the blood Eventually I turned round and squeezed back through the hole in the hedge ran across the field to home Finally guilt was beginning to take a hold I saw her I did nothing She could have bled to death I might as well have taken an axe and hacked her I killed her Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Sacrifice 05:08
Give me another subject The summer's coming my flowers have all died ‘cause I was bored Seven o'clock and the alarm goes off get the kid to school passed the dogs Always one of the early ones one of the conscientious ones but I'm bored Just to get away from this but I always wanted this I'm bored The dogs are always lazy and I am always crazy living life to the full Going out to bars and giving it all always If this is all it takes If this is all it takes I'm wanna be the one If this is all it takes If this is all it takes I'm wanna be the one Scream Sacrifice Why be the one Why be the one Sacrifice Everyone is drowning including me Sacrifice If I didn't stop them I wouldn't want to live Sacrifice This is what I wanted Sacrifice How dare you be different Sacrifice There's no other life to live Sacrifice This is it, right here, right now Sacrifice This is it, right here, right now Sacrifice This is it, right here, right now Sacrifice When I look into my crystal ball and the world doesn't end The bottom of the ocean is never deep enough I know Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Psychoblues 09:50
Cold, cold, cold Don't go easily It's the easy way out So strong Read the magazines caught in a trap of wanting Go tomorrow and get a van Take all the things you ever wanted This man can't stop I can't stop Did you ever shake and shiver for less They led us Natures way This madness Darkened profits Natures way Try hard I heard the news today Another earthquake Another mudslide Another war Another famine Another earthquake Another war It's you Am I wearing the right dress Change my hair colour Change my teeth Change my breasts Change my legs Change my feet Change my husband Change my child It's you Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Pornography 06:01
See a guy open pages has a need Which one will he choose 42 22 32 Enjoy cream in your jeans Ebony Asian Teeny Preggers Pornography It's a shame It's shameful If you don't care Why's it under your bed Dark Want to fuck Legs open Legs open It's dark Can she feel it Make her mine Pornography Picture a woman In your bed You can take her You can take her Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015
Hell Hole 05:59
Banging on the devil’s roof busted my hands trying to get in hammering down like running hoofs till that door folded like tin Inside it’s dark & cold and full of stuff I can’t see and everything smells old but I need a place to hide they’re closing in I hide in an old chest lie there panting breath like a train heart pounding Then I hear them make myself small as they curse & kick throwing things against the wall shaking my box just know my time’s up got nowhere to run swimming in my sweat it’s blinding me now I’m praying Banging on the devil’s roof Vishy Moghan © 2003-2015
How much is it worth Tell me in pounds or tell me in dollars How much are you worth ‘cause I’m not getting out of bed for less Put your money up front Put your money where your mouth is Don’t pay me in kind All bets are off Check for small change Find some coins Write to your friends It’s not worth a penny For your thoughts Take your time Bring on the dough Pull out the coins Are we going up Or are we going down Give me your thoughts I might be around But for now I’m going to lie down Cassi Moghan © 2003-2015


The fans of Sonic Youth will especially appreciate their sound since this is an even more experimental version of that music, particularly in the case of some rousing tracks such as “Psychoblues”, “Pornography” and “Shiny Shoes”. Equally interesting in their quieter moments such as “Proud”, “Ghost” or “Hell Hole” with its wild drums.

In short, this first full-length release from Bad Mathematics proves a hit that justifies their hard work. If you are looking for something really wild and experimental, this is it.

Review by George Houlis © 19 October 2015


released March 11, 2015

Band: Bad Mathematics
Album: Everything Falls Apart
Year: 2014-15

Music: Bad Mathematics
Lyrics: Cassi Moghan/Vishy Moghan

Engineered by Zach Kotsikis/Stylianos Tziritas/Piers Marsh/Bad Mathematics
Mastered by Dave Williams @ Mega Free Productions, UK


all rights reserved



Bad Mathematics Athens, Greece

Bad Mathematics

The Home of Psychoblues ©™®

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